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Tokyo Style~

WHO'S GOING? Tix are still 25.Tho I can probably find some 20 dollar ones.


Lolita Events

 Would you guys prefer them free with purchase (aka spend x amount get an invite) or free for all for a fee?

Fancy and French....

 Shit Happens but I love my friends.....thanks guys. I'll be home soon. 

Model Search for Fanime lolita event

I need about 6-8 girls or traps >.>;;
Height:around 5'5'
Bust: ~34B
Waist: <27"
You will need to be able to style yourself to a certain extent ie, MAKEUP IS A MUST~

Comments are screened.
Please comment with a faceshot and full body.


OMG.....it's snowing.......


Rawr....i r inuyasha?


Hehe....Satomi posted my lil banana fingers on her blog.

Tomorrow Im camping for lucky packs......wish me luck ><.